Inventory Index

If you’re not sure where stuff is located the Hierarchical index can be a bit cumbersome and since there are some among us who like site maps here as close to a map of items available in the STORE.  Items that are not yet linked pr are still being cataloged for future listing can often be found on the Stock page (which is currently down from the server move but will be back soon), or you can submit a parts request.

Parts – Parts for Wrist and Pocket Watches

Materials – Individual Material System Parts

Cases – Watch Cases and Related Components

  • Pocket Watch Cases and Case Parts
  • Springs, Bezels, Bows, etc.
  • Wrist Watch Cases
  • Shipping Cases (old and new)

Watches – Complete Watches, new and used, working and not

  • Pocket Watches
  • Wrist Watches
  • Quartz Watches
  • Other Watches

Clocks – Specific to Clocks

  • Mainsprings
  • Crystals
  • Movements

Accessories – Straps, Bands, Chains, Fobs, etc.

Publications – Catalogs, Manuals and Guides

Supplies – Consumables

Tools – Watchmaker Clock Maker & Jewelers Tools

Equipment – Production Equipment for Jewelers and Watchmakers


Movements – Parts Watches and Movements for Repair or as Donor

  • American Pocket Watch
  • European Pocket Watch
  • Asian Pocket Watch
  • Other Pocket Watch
  • American Wrist Watch
  • European Wrist Watch
  • Asian Wrist Watch
  • Other Wrist Watch


Other – Anything that doesn’t fit elsewhere

  • Jewelry
  • Findings
  • Tins, Bottles & Containers
  • Steampunk
  • Fixtures
  • Audio / Visual
  • Computer and Office Equipment
  • Surplus