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Shipping & Handling

We offer several options for shipping depending on whether an item is purchased through the STORE or via a Request, with the former being managed by the selected shipping service.  We’re not in the business of making money off of shipping so we try to keep it as economical as possible.

For anything we ship via a Request will typically incur the following charges;

S&H Type Description
USPS Priority Mail™
Small Flat Rate Box
Preferred shipping for smaller items and multiples.  No additional handling fees. $8.90
USPS First Class Parcel When you’re buying a single small and light item or something that will fit in a tiny box or envelope.  Several items may incur a small additional per item handling fee. $4.54
UPS Ground Anything that doesn’t fit in a small box or a Flat Rate Box will ship via UPS.  Cannot ship to PO Boxes. AT COST

Other shipping methods available upon request although we will not ship FedEx.  In the case of some of the larger items, delivery can sometimes be arranged if you’re not too far from Oregon.  Please let us know if this option interests you and we’ll get you a quote and a delivery schedule.