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How to Buy

How we Sell

We choose to classify items in three distinct ways; Inventory Items which are typically available through the STORE, Cataloged Items which you can browse via the STOCK (coming soon) pages & specialty items through our  Inventory Index. We have three methods available for streamlining communicating about or purchasing items in these categories;

    • Most Inventory items use the Ecwid Store.  We’ve attempted to make using this tool as seamless as possible but it all else fails you can visit the STORE and do a product search.  If you don’t find it there we encourage to check out the everpanding STOCK page, or inquire about a non-cataloged item.
    • We also do sell through eBay so some pages may reference those active listings.  If you want something offered through eBay you are welcome to purchase it here or there – we’re easy that way.
    • STOCK items use the Parts Request contact form.  As we’ve indicated, the quantity of items cataloged in stock far exceeds those that have been inventoried and prepped for the store so this is the form you would use to buy a stem or a staff or something from our Factory, Bestfit, QuickFIT or C&E Marshall Systems.
    • When inquiring about a specialty item you would simply use the Contact Us form.  People often have questions about how to identify and locate a horological item or just want to know if we can supply soInventory Indexmething that doesn’t fit into the plethora of existing categories.  Please do not be shy about using this form as this is precisely what is it for.

Completing a Purchase

    • Again, this is very much purchase type dependent.  The Ecwid Store has a Shopping Bag so once you’re done shopping you can use the checkout system.  Payment is accepted via PayPal, Square and even a mailed check if that’s what you prefer.  We will be moving away from Paypal by the middle of this year to something more fair to sellers.
    • For items selected via a Parts Request we will usually send you as invoice unless you have a different payment method preference as identified above.
    • Please see the Shipping Page for details on how we calculate shipping.  Items usually ship within 2 business days with the exception of larger items and anything that requires pickup or delivery.

Customer Satisfaction

  • We expect everyone to be completely satisfied with their purchase. Many, if not most of our items have an unconditional guarantee.
  • We appreciate the opportunity to serve you and thus if you are not pleased we expect you to let us know. You can email or call but may discover you get a quicker response via email.
  • Should you decide to return an item we only ask that you let us know it is coming.  Once we have it back we will issue a full refund.
  • While we would like to call our return policy unconditional, there is an expectation that the item comes back in the condition it left here.
  • We have over 30 years of experience selling both at shows and online so we want everyone to be a reference for future customers as well as coming back frequently to see what we’ve added.

The bottom line is if anything about how we do business is not clear, please do not hesitate to ask.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

    • Are the items you have here all you have for sale?  This site represents only a fraction of the items we have in inventory and available for sale.  As time goes on we’ll find ways to make more items shown, but the best rule of thumb is that if you don’t see it here, just ask us for it by using the Contact Us form and we will check out stock and get back to you.
    • What kind of warranty to you offer for items?  We have a very simple rule – we want everyone to be completely satisfied with their purchase so if the item does not measure up to your expectations you can return it for replacement or refund.
    • How is shipping calculated and how are your items shipped?  While there are exceptions, we offer typical USPS flat-rate shipping for smaller items.  Larger items can also be shipped this way but we’re also comfortable shipping UPS, so if you have a preference let us know.  We’re not in the business of making money off of shipping so we try to keep it as close to our cost as possible. For more information visit our Shipping and Handling post.
    • Are your parts used?  Most of our parts are completely new but as most have been on the shelf for many years – in case of some of the glass watch crystals they can often be over 100 years old but still technically new because, well, they aren’t used.  If we’re selling a parts watch or even a complete watch then yes, those are very likely “used.”
    • Do you take offers?  The answer to this is “it depends.”   For watch watches, movements and tools we are willing to entertain offers.  On other items we will often include in the description whether we’re willing to consider offers.
    • So how do I buy stuff?  See the How to Buy page.
    • How do I pay for stuff?  If you buy through the STORE you will pay via the shopping cart, otherwise we will send an invoice via Paypal. While we prefer PayPal we also do accept payments via check by mail – please inquire for details if you would prefer to pay this way.  We’ve also just begun offering invoices through Square so if this interests you or you would prefer this let us know.   Purchased agreed upon through reservations or requests will be invoiced via Paypal unless otherwise requested.
    • Do you repair watches and clocks?  Watches yes, clocks no, however selling parts keeps us plenty busy so we’re likely to refer you to someone in your area.
    • Do you sell complete watches and clocks?  Occasionally we will offer a watch or clock for sale but we generally market them directly to collectors or through specialty services.  If you are interested in finding a specific watch you’re welcome to ask and we’ll let you know if we have it.
  • How do I accurately specify the part I need?  Using the information contained in our ever growing Additional References section, try and use the precise manufacturer part number wherever possible and let us do any cross referencing necessary.  To help with this effort we offer a variety of manufacturers parts catalogs for sale, at very reasonable prices, that can help you with that process.  Check the References page for further guidance.